Biometric Smart Pen Project

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The BiSP System

The Biometric Smart Pen (BiSP) is a novel multisensoric pen system for the record and analysis of handwriting,drawing and gesture movements on a paper pad or free in space. For a comprehensive monitoring of fine motor characteristics of the hand and fingers, the ball pen like device is equipped with a diversity of sensors measuring:

  • position, acceleration and tilt angle of the pen in space
  • pressure and vibration generated in the refill during writing or drawing on a pad
  • grip pressure of fingers holding the pen

Different to common tablet-based input devices, the data are sampled exclusively by the pen. The pen transfers digital data to mobile units like PC, notebook, cell phone, smart card, memory, etc. either by wired or wireless transmission technology. A universal software classifier implemented in the smart pen system covers a broad range of time-series analysis, statistics, feature extraction and classification. It provides important object-related parameters as well as biometric and neuromotor features of a human being ("Talking Hands").

Application Areas

Due to its user friendly design, specific sensors with high sensitivity, and a particular software engine for fast data acquisition and evaluation, the smart pen system will offer multiple applications in human computer interaction, biometrics, medicine, graphonomics, humanoid robotics and will enable innovations in many branches.

Benefits of BiSP

  • low cost user friendly device
  • fast on-line acquisition
  • handwriting on arbitrary pads and free in space
  • low power device